Zach dropping his food and eating it off of Frankie’s lap


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HOW has no one gifed or uploaded video of Zach spilling food on Frankie and eating it off of Frankie’s CROTCH?! 7:01 pm pst

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People who don’t watch the live feeds or keep up with tweet updates gonna react to that DR session at the end of the episode tonight. lmao

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"Frankie: I have to APPEAR as if I’m on the house’s side…. even if that means throwing Zach under the bus.” There you have it!

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This video»»»»> wow!!! 

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I hope someone uploads footage of Zach/Frankie’s game talks from this morning. Frankie once again proved his loyalty to Zach. He told him about how he’s working with Christine and about how Christine/Nicole shit talk him (Zach) and Frankie just agrees with them lmao. They also both talked about getting rid of Cody. + Frankie tried to plant the seed in Christine’s head last night to get Cody out first because he (Frankie) can control Zach. Seriously the game talks between Zach/Frankie from this morning is a must watch. It starts at around 3:30ish am pst I think?

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zach smelled frankies lotion and said it smelled good.
he leaves the room and then frankies like, “i wish i asked when he wanted to go to bed”

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Hollering @ Derrick/Cody not realizing Zach/Frankie are actually working together and have a F2. They actually think Frankie & Caleb have a f2. LMAOOO. LIKE…THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE! LOL

Zach making the 3 alliance with Cody/Derrick was probably one of the most genius things he could’ve done along with Frankie making the other alliances 2 weeks ago. Cody is so messy. whew.

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Zach kissed Frankie on the head at 9:22 ish pm pst and they changed the feed after to Amber lmao

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Zach kissed him on the head! Chile!! lol

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Zankie ( Zach & Frankie)

Y’all overreact to everything Frankie says regarding Zach. *shakes head*. He just spent last night/today fixing Zach’s game. He is of course gonna tell Christine what she wants to hear because she is set on hating Zach. Frankie was just in the HOH talking with Derrick before Christine and was basically expressing to Derrick he was worried about what could happen to Zach’s game if Zach does go off on Amber. Derrick gave the better scenario of having the intervention with Caleb first. But also Zach needs to keep his mouth shut. He’s been trying to stir stuff up today and Frankie told him to be good all week. *shakes head*

But I’m sure the pressed/haters will come into the Zankie tag once again like they do everytime lmao. But I also don’t understand the logic of people for believing Frankie doesn’t care about Zach. Frankie could easily backdoor Zach this week and I guarantee it would be a unanimous vote. Will it happen? No! Because he is doing his best to protect HIM. Why people don’t see this I’ll never understand. *shakes head*

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Frankie: My ass is raw

Caleb: Can we blame Zach for that?

Frankie: I wish we could.

Zach: Yeah you do.


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Zach all the way out the closet now! NOT HIM TWIRLING LIKE US GAYS TO MARIAH CAREY!!! *faints*

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Zach was twirling around in the storage room. ALONE. OMG…come out the closet KING!!! Yasssss LMAO around 6:15 is pm pst I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING OMG! LMAO

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Frankie hugging Zach was so adorable lol and telling him not to go downstairs to reenact his veto speech from two weeks ago haha.

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