Frankie proving his loyalty to Zach. He just told him about Christine wanting  to put Zach up and about Hayden/Nicole being shady & Nicole having control over Hayden.

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9:35 pm pst

Derrick : Are you still sleeping up there or-?
Zach : Yeah I think I’m going to sleep up there with Frankie.
(This is why I love Zach)
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Frankie been doing damage control to make sure Zach is safe. Zach better keep it cute. I love that Frankie told Christine “IF” she wins HOH during double evict to put Zach up. 1. He knows they would have the numbers to save him. 2. he knows the chances of her even winning a hoh are very, very, very slim, and he knows she is set on being mad at Zach. I’m happy Frankie told Zach “I’m gonna keep you under my wing this week” and that he wants him to stay in the HOH. lmao

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That kiss Frankie gave Zach on the cheek was cute lol! @ 4:33 pm pst Awww!

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The fact that Zach made sure to say “I’m in love with you” two times to Frankie though!!! I love them!

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Frankie: I think i’m in love with you, it’s weird.
Zach: Are you?
Frankie: Yeah, a little bit.
Zach: I’m in love with you, without a doubt.

omggg Zach “I’m in love with you. I’m in love with you”. and Frankie finally told him he’s falling in love with him! (A week ago Frankie whispered it on his way into the kitchen!)

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Just so everyone’s on the same page

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#Zankie Zach & Frankie »> lol #BB16

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The fact that people actually think Frankie would Backdoor Zach. *shakes head*. It wouldn’t even make sense.

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The full Zankie HOH beehive talk

I feel like they could possibly have up and downs this week but that’s expected from being in this game. I’m happy Zach doesn’t want to put Donny up. America is gonna love him even more. They need to do what’s best for themselves when they have HOH.

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My favorite BB moment. EVER.  lmao    #BB16 #Zankie

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These two. #Zankie #BB16 Zach and Frankie <3

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"Looking for the remote". Smooth Frankie…. ;)


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