I said it last night and I’ll say it again. When Frankie tweeted that heart last night King & Queen were talking/face timing on the phone. lmao

Dear Haters

Chile! They were for sure listening to that interview together while they were on the phone. I live for Zach following Lance ctfu.

*Enjoys stay on the Zankie ship on rainbow road*

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Can I just say that you are my favorite zankie shipper?

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ty!  lol

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I knew Zach & Frankie had been talking on the phone since last week when Amanda said she would be hanging with them this weekend to watch BB & dine tonight.

(Opinion post)

After listening to the interview I honestly side eyed at the same few  people who always flip flop on everything for 0 reason. Fans from all sides want Zach to force himself to go on social media to talk on social media or to  Frankie. NO. He’s already talking on the phone with Frankie. Have y’all not seen him preparing himself by deleting all of those UF Frat boys/sorority girls/acquaintances among others from his instagram & unfollowing more people on twitter? He’s trying to adjust. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT: Frankie is now in his life, someone who is a “celeb”, and that person’s sibling happens to be Ariana Grande (VMA/American Music Award winning artist) aka possibly one of the most marketable MUSIC ARTIST/NAMES in the music industry atm. This isn’t a sibling who won some damn random singing competition & became irrelevant. That ladies & gentleman is pressure to not fuck it up. Haters & Lovers alike know how much Zach cares for Frankie and he’s gonna do what he can to not fuck that up. Notice how quiet his family has been and did that 180 before last week and started defending Frankie? Exactly. I respect & love Zach’s family now btw because they have been great for the past two weeks.  Zach has already gotten on and liked pics of him & Frankie together especially the one where Frankie said on twitter “This man is MY everything where as the instagram caption on the other hand has the two male couple emoji with the heart and said  “he makes me so happy” (proving Zach is by no means uncomfortable but he is most likely feeling pressure to adjust when you have crazies attacking Frankie on Zach’s social media accounts every time a post is done, on current pics, or just general tweets. Frankie is always expressing his love for Zach on social media because that’s him. Zach is gonna be vocal to Frankie and only to Frankie off social media. People have to respect the "bond" that Zach & Frankie have. Zach has to adjust at his own pace. And if you think for a second that Zach hasn’t been looking at social media and seeing the tweets and stuff y’all are crazy. Dude has for sure probably been looking through Frankie’s instagram pics/tweets / Ari’s pics/tweets/ Frankie’s youtube videos and has seen hate from people. It must be surreal for him because you have a bond that can’t be “labeled” with Frankie and have these two celebs in your life now? Adjusting must be hard for him because he’s probably afraid he could mess it up by doing the wrong thing. Shit is cray on social media btw. Fans need to stop tweeting/instagraming him hate about Frankie *shakes head*.

I want to note a few things I saw because this is important.

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Frankie & Zach have been in contact like I thought they have been. Both of them are good but y’all can continue to overreact likey’all usually do.

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Look at him liking his sister pic <3

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Zach Stans be like:

"Zach, don’t you know all the horrible things Frankie said?"


"But how could you tolerate someone so vile??"


"He’s literally such an evil and hated human being"


"Just remind him you’re straight & tell him to stop flirting."


This is one of the best post ever.

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Amanda’s “Where the fuck is Zach?” tweet got me hollering!

But in all seriousness I can’t wait for Frankie, Zach, and Amanda to watch BB together this week.

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Ariana deletes stuff all the time. Also, the pic on Frankie’s instagram with the heart is better.

She always deletes posts from instagram and this is nothing new. Note: She deleted a few posts she did tonight including videos with Frankie. No need to “overreact” or do an extra long post trying to find some “deeper” meaning about it.

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Frankie ‘No Chill’ Grande. lol

Frankie has been liking Zankie pics on instagram! Zach needs to get on and like something! Shit go like the vids Ari just put up ctfu!

I’m assuming e knows about Zach’s game play comments based on him putting that Zach game play tweet in his favorites. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zach told him in Jury what he said in his interview with Jeff ctfu. I’m happy Zach is home now so he can rest. I hope they introduce Zach to Nona this week! Zach’s dog Tiger is adorable btw and omg the videos Ariana was uploading with Frankie & Ophelia was hysterical! I also want to add that I can’t wait for Ari to hang out with Frankie & Zach together so she can just post instagram videos of them being silly LOL!

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Zach is rocking that bape hat!

He better slay! Love seeing him wear a Grande gift <3!

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Has your fav hgs made tmz yet? Didn’t think so!

Queen Frankie on TMZ. When could your BB favs?

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Frankie has lost all chill and I am here for it. He just misses his bae! 👬❤️✨ #Zankie #zankieforever @frankiejgrande @ranceypants

Not him liking the pic 3 mins after it was posted. I love Frankie lmao

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someone hold my hand and help me get though thisimage

LMAO! Frankie with 0 chill.

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@ranceypants: http://instagram.com/p/tgCLrNK4Ps

Zach with the BAPE hat on »>

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