I honestly dislike that Donny went to talk game with Christine. LIKE…now people brought Zach’s name into it *smh*. Even Frankie made a comment or two. *shakes head*. I hope Zach just stays asleep until later today.

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i literally love u

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lol! This took place at 3:22 am pst I believe.

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The first part of the clip takes place at 3:54 am pst / 2nd part of the clip with the wet dream talk is at 3:31 am pst (Note: Zach had a wet dream a few weeks ago when he was sleeping with Frankie in the HOH room after cuddling/spooning him. lmao). I love how Cody/Frankie were serving the tea that Zach’s wet dreams have been about Frankie lmao.

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Okay! One more reblog LOL! I’m off now!

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Frankie can’t sleep. I wonder why… (Because of Zach duh). Frankie was asking where Zach was or if he was sleeping. (I haven’t been watching the feeds in the 5ish am hr so I hope Zach comes out eventually.

Before I come back later on tumblr I just want to say i hope today will be a great day between Zach & Frankie again and I hope they enjoy it. I HOPE Zach will sleep upstairs tonight because he did say to Frankie he would sleep up there one night this week. Let’s also support them and hope Zach wins the buy back on Thursday!

Have fun all!

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4:20 am pst Frankie came back out to say night again and saw the aftermath of Zach jumping in the pool.

Frankie to Zach “Yahhhhh, Zach! You look good!” lmao

Zach “It’s cold!” haha

4:21 am pst Zach said “I’m gonna be dreaming about that buy back all fucking night”

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Zach please win the buy back on Thursday.

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3:54 am pst (August 20th) 

Frankie gave Cody a meh hug lmao and went to hug Zach and kissed him on the neck. Zach was telling him he can wake him up and Frankie said he’d wake Zach up in the morning.

Love these two

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Zach a few mins ago

I’m going to be dreaming about that buy back all fucking night.

I also want you Zach Fans, Frankie fans, Zankie fans to know that Frankie has been so supportive of Zach/ especially yesterday. He has also been talking about the buy back constantly to Zach all week and that he needs to win it and come back. Frankie even told Derrick in the HOH yesterday evening that he wants Zach to be the one to win it. He even told Zach last night at the pool table to pray for the buy back and  to also win it. LIKE…who was the ONE person who RAN to the storage room yesterday to check on Zach to see if he was alright and not physically hurt after hearing that loud “thump”? Frankie did. This boy is in love with Zach and cares about his well being for crying out loud.

But everyone needs to come together and show support for Zach to win the buyback comp this Thursday.

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3:31 am pst (talking about having wet dreams in the house)

lmao @ them talking about wet dreams and Frankie talked about Zach having one about him (Frankie). Note to self: Zach actually had a wet dream the night he was cuddling Frankie in the HOH room a few weeks ago.

This conversation was very telling to me because Zach admitted to his wet dreams being sexual in the house. This speaks volumes to me because the night Zach had a wet dream sleeping next to Frankie in the HOH room a few weeks ago was  the night he was cuddling and all sorts of stuff with Frankie before they finally fell asleep next to each other and a few hrs later Zach woke up and realized he had a wet dream. lol

During this conversation tonight… Cody was like “Frankie was blowing you” (referring to Zach’s wet dream) LOL and Zach (his reaction is priceless) was like “I don’t want to finish this conversation” HAHA and Frankie chimed in and was like “Frankie and I are in bed together”

Zach’s reaction had me laughing so hard because Cody/Frankie/Christine obviously know Zach’s wet dream was about Frankie. LOL

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Zach initiating that hug with Frankie though at 3:22 am pst slays. The personal bond these two have is incredible.

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I can’t stop laughing because Frankie is bull shiting Cody lmao. Note to self Caleb/Frankie dragging Cody last night in the hoh BR.

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"Frankie, you are one sexy gay boy."

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I’m still hollering @ Zach letting Frankie smell his FEET. LMAOOO! And Zach saying calling Frankie “a sexy gay boy” 

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