Do you have a video of zachs reaction when he saw victoria and frankie kissing a few times?

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No. But your best bet is asking Zankiedoodle or Zankiegrance tumblrs

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Do u think its possible for another buyback or any way for zach to get back in the house or would they let zach in the bb house for 24 hrs on his bday?

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Zankie (Zach & Frankie)

 Zach was emotionally unstable in the house. Do y’all not remember when he told Frankie he was losing his mind in the house when they were the only two people awake in the house and had that deep conversation in the rockroom? Also Frankie & Zach had many talks about Zach losing it at times and Zach agreed/admitted it several times to him. Also it was cute when Frankie called him a fun monster. lol I remember on day 2(or was it 3 on the live feeds?) when Frankie had playfully called him a lunatic and Zach was like “I am a lunatic!” haha


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Good times. lol

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I remain concerned about Zach’s “Story of my life” reply as it concerns his life outside of the BB house. Does he have the shittiest group of “friends” ever? ‘Cause it still seems like all signs point to yes.

Zach expressed a lot of times on the feeds…disdain for his college friends. I remember back in early July when Zach spoke about how his friends basically burned him in college when it came to money and I think he even spoke about how they stole from him. Also I remember Zach never if at all speaking about that Drew (was Zach’s roommate only during their freshmen year of college & Drew was in their frat) guy who claims to be “close” friends with Zach. Zach would only bring up Drew whenever he spoke about his audition process and he would only say stuff like “the friend” or “a friend” had told him about the  audition or something similar to that. I also remember Zach doing shoutouts a few weeks ago in the beehive room and he never mentioned Drew at all. During Zach’s last week in the house he TRASHED his college friends AGAIN and basically described them as irresponsible/messy people and in my opinion described them as “acquaintances” to be honest. Zach also went even further and said that he would NEVER take any of them on that Germany trip with him. When he made the “Story of my life” comment back in July it really made it more clear to me…and especially when he started opening up more about how they wronged him.

Let’s just hope for the best for Zach. He’s a great guy.

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Frankie, I love you as a person more than anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life. […] I do, I fucking- I love the shit out of you.

Never forget when Zach said this. it was beautiful. These two are incredible. Also happy early birthday to Zach (his Bday is on September 9th).

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Zankie (Zach Rance & Frankie Grande)

If Frankie gets put on the block today. I’m happy he can leave a champ. He made enough money to build at least 2 schools in Africa. He can leave knowing he will be helping people who are in unfortunate circumstances get a better education. Go to jury and be with your King/Bae (Zach) and everything will be alright.

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“They’ve taken it to a level that is horrible. It’s horrible. And when they walk out that door that’s all they’re going to be remembered for.” - Jill

“They’re more…


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"But then again, I’m not attracted to him (Cody). I’m more attracted to Zach."

—Frankie Grande (via wheatthinsandklaine)
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I HAD to screencap this cuz the text was spot on.

Mr. ‘I hate foreplay’ legit foreplays with his bae every night.

BLOOP! lmao

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Zach Rance

I miss Zach because I miss when everyone would tweet/blog on tumblr "ZACH’S AWAKE" haha! That was always funny to see people do that. Good times. I wish Zach had stayed awake more in the house…so many great moments that could’ve been haha.

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I love Zach Rance and Frankie J Grande. If you dont like one of these two, I give zero fucks about your opinion



GATHA THE GURLZ UP! They can’t take it!

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Zankie (Zach Rance & Frankie Grande).

Another response to “uopenmyeyes”.

1st. Please don’t include me with the “Zankie” shippers you claim to see doing the things you “dislike”. I’m not bias and only do my best to talk about what has been stated during their personal moments.

2. Also as a “gay” LGBT male and seeing what I saw it didn’t come off as  “rude” to me for Zankieupdates to have said that because that is a blog that…once again like I said before…does informative POST without BIAS on the subject at hand & also it was clearly a post to not be taken seriously darling. But may be it’s because I am who I am that it didn’t come off that way.

3. I said what I said because in your recent posts in the Zach tag you have constantly been in “angry” mode spewing things without facts. I have never seen you say recently and if at all about Zach’s conversation with Frankie about him wondering if it makes him “gay” to fall in love with him/having the conversation without the cameras meaning jury/outside the game. I have never seen you talk about the talk Zach/Frankie had in the HOH room about sexuality/Frankie’s experiences with women. I have never seen you discuss Drew stating that his friend (Zach)  would only make out with women when he forced himself to get “drunk”. I have never seen you speak on the fact that  Frankie told Zach this same exact experience about making himself get drunk in order to be intimate with women (before he came out as gay. This is common with men who identify as straight but have feelings for the same gender). Yes Zach has said he’s “straight” well darling he has also told Frankie he’s “gay” which I have never seen you mention. I also want to mention like I have in other posts I love and ADMIRE that Zach identifies as “Straight” which is very common for a male like him to do even with the feelings he has. There’s nothing wrong with that and he feels safe. I was the same way.

4. I also want you to know I have no problem or beef with you. I’m just lowkey irked at constant attacks on people (not from you) who support both Zach/Frankie or them separately. *sips tea* I also want to say people should be careful with what they post. I try my best to only state facts…example being the great conversations they’ve had. I’m trying my best not to be like “GAY” even though I’m “gay” and know all of the signs he’s displayed. I was also lowkey annoyed with Jeff last WEEK when he bombarded Zach not with his QUESTIONS but his COMMENTS. It sent Zach into mood swing mood/a lowkey panic where he was like “anything for 500k” it was a mess but this week in the highlights (that were recorded last week) Jeff went softer and Zach could do nothing but laugh because Jeff saw right through his silliness. lol Julie Chen is the only person who did the interview CORRECTLY without making him be on edge.

Finally: Like I told you in my other post I hope Frankie goes to Jury soon so he can get away from that toxic house and actually have the talk Zach & him agreed on. What I love about both Frankie & Zach is that when both of them are together they bring the BEST out of each other. Separately they were manipulated/turned against each other in a positive game that became dirty/toxic. I hope for the best with both of them. I hope this post didn’t come off as “rude” btw. We should be supporting Zach & celebrating his great journey. I respect Frankie because I’ve been a fan of his for years (Global charity work, Broadway, youtube, and more)but also because I know that’s what Zach would want & that he would surely want from his fans/family.

*hugs everyone* Let’s hope for the best for both of them and hope negativity doesn’t come at Zach or Frankie but specifically Zach.

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Iconic. LMAO #Zankie #BB16 King & Queen got the gurlz mad. lol @japanslays @dk3stan

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Just to make the haters extra MADT! Let me reblog this gif set of King (Zach) & Queen (Frankie) lmao

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