Frankie going out like the BB Slayer he is.

I knew Frankie would get cheers during his eviction. Watch the haters/delusional peeps make every excuse up in the book today when it airs. Zach get ready for your bae! Zach and Frankie about to be in Jury together like

Get ready haters

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Does anyone have a timestamp, or a date for this night? Zach/Nicole and Frankie/Christine were all cuddling on opposite couches. I’m trying to watch all the cute moments that I missed before the archives are gone. Please and thank you? xoxo


This is hilarious because I wanted someone to upload this too. Try @zankiemoments

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Zankie heart eyes.

No one can tell me these two don’t love each other. Whatever kind of love it is, they care deeply.

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Will you please tell the bb16zachrance twitter that WE don't need to sexualize zach or his relationship with frankie? Zach did that HIMSELF when he said he wanted to FUCK frankie. When he kisses frankies neck, slaps frankies ass??? Zach did this to HIMSELF and if by chance he's actually gay, these idiots make it that much harder for zach to be happy when they protect his heterosexuality like a god damn chess queen.

ASKED BY Anonymous.

That guy is a complete fucking idiot LMAO! He also blocked me btw because he was mad I was serving the truth tea last week. He is OBSESSED with Frankie and I mean OBSESSED. He’s almost bad as MissCleoBB. Just ignore him & enjoy this. lol

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For all of you who missed it. One of Ariana Grande’s BFFs KNOWS ZACH. This is so telling because she (Alexa) posted on her own instagram a 4 pic collage of zach/frankie on her instagram a month ago. She is also friends with a TON of Zach’s friends on Facebook but she’s not friends with Drew. Alexa is friends with that Nick Alter guy just like Zach is. Bloop. I bet she spilled the tea to Ariana about Zach. lol its crazier because Zach doesn’t even know yet that he knows someone who knows the grandes lmao

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bend over and spread ‘em

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"there’s no such thing as Zankie, Zach always pushed Frankie away"

"he flinched at frankie’s touch"

"he only let frankie touch him to advance, he probably hates him"

"it was just a strategy, he likely hates him outside the game considering he was backdoored"

Yasssss #zankie #bb16 slay the haters with this post!

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Still crying

They did let Frankie wear his team Zach shirt in the DR! Aww #zankie

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Zach’s smile when Frankie told him to bend over and spread ‘em 

Donny made Frankie do it!

When did this happen??? #bb16 #zankie @zankiemoments

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Ok so i fully agree with the whole “he wore his vest cause he knows frankie misses him” thing and to support that he purposely wore FRANKIE’s vest is that when he held it it was attached to frankies new vest he got in HOH but zach doesnt know that it belongs to frankie and he threw it on the floor and took the one he’s sure belongs to frankie which i find extremely adorable

Not only that but its the vest Frankie let Zach wear all the time lol. Him modeling it was a clear message to Frankie.

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Instead of hating any contestant or anyone’s family, can y’all like decide as a collective to go after the creepy fuck known as misscleobb who has like basically spent every season trashing people and seeking attention from people’s families, spent all last season bashing Andy and now Frankie (that self-hate tho…) and has gotten REALLY close to Jill Rance, which makes everyone uncomfortable since it’s obvious he kind of just wants to fuck Zach himself? Ew. Get this aging queen away.

Lol! MissCleoBB is a psycho!

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A few Zankie moments from 6/28:

Amber: “Zach you were so sweet telling Frankie sweet things about himself.” // "What do you want to do for 29 minutes without your underwear?" // Frankie talks about THE ONE. // Caleb cuddles Frankie and Zach immediately says he will make Nicole his GF.

Omg I’ve never seen this footage before! #bb16 #zankie

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I don’t answer anons from stupid people so I’m just going to leave this here and let ZACH speak for himself. 

Seriously, go hug a puppy or something instead of trying to antagonize people and make them feel bad about things they like/hope for. You’re not smarter than me, you’re not clever, you’re not even nice.

#bb16 #zankie the haters are pressed and I’m loving every second of it!

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Zach Rance & Frankie Grande

Ariana got the Frankie/Zankie haters so mad because of her tweets from Frankies acc about Zach lmao. She loves Zach with her brother and its beautiful. She has purposely been dragging the haters since last night.

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